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DIY Cropped Tee

Thrifting is one of my favorite pastimes. Whenever we're bored, my boyfriend and I head to the local goodwill to go treasure hunting. Something to keep in mind when thrifting is that you can always make something out of what you find. It may not be cute, it may not fit perfectly, or it may not be your style-- but you can make it work. Repurposing clothing is one of the smartest and cheapest ways to be fashionable. You can take an old scarf and make a simple outfit pop, you can work magic with scissors and turn any shirt into a statement, and you can turn $3 into something you'll love.

This shirt was a steal. My boyfriend picked it up when he was searching through the mens t-shirts, but it was going to be too small for him. It was a men's large, but it looked like it ran small. $2.99. For literally three dollars, I turned an old tour tee into a cute cropped top. I put one of my favorite shirts on top of it, laying flat, and cut along the bottom so that it would fall at the same length. That's it. Now it's one of my favorite tees and on top of that, I get to rep one of my favorite bands!

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