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Room Reveal: Living Room

My goal for our living room was to make it as cozy as possible while still maintaining a picturesque environment. Living with boys, I did my best to make it gender neutral. My inspiration came from Scandinavian, bohemian, and western styles all mixed together in a melting pot of decor.

I decorated our main wall with prints from Desenio. I hung them with metallic bulldog clips to avoid having to buy a ton of picture frames just to create a gallery wall. To make sure that it would fit correctly, I googled gallery wall templates and followed one so that it would be evenly distributed between landscape and portrait photos. For the main piece, I chose a black leather couch from Target. They delivered it right to my door and it's surprisingly comfortable! We wanted to get a 3-seater so that we could lay down on the couch and fit as many as possible considering it's where everyone hangs out. With that, we also had to be conscious and realistic about how much our husky sheds. To bring out the silver in the couch, I bought the silver versions of the side tables from my room! They're sturdy and versatile, so they go perfectly with the rest of our decor even though they were cheaper than the other pieces.

As I mentioned before, I wanted to mix a ton of styles to create something really unique. To bring in the western style I was going for, I selected two cow print accent chairs from Target. Going off of that, I got a rug in orange/blue to go underneath of the furniture to draw in some color. For the casegoods and tables, I bought a set to bring in some cohesiveness to the mess that is my decor style. Since I threw tons of different flavors, patterns, etc. together, I wanted something to legitimately match. My coffee table, cabinet, and console table are all a part of a set from Opalhouse.

In the corner next to our TV, I decorated around the geometric console. On top of it, I added a faux fur pelt for texture and to make it a little cozier. To add height, I added a vase of dried pampas grass, a brass peace sign, and a white/gold globe. For the wall decor, I added a California poster from mapiful and a cactus poster from Desenio. On top of them, I added a "stay awhile" brass sign from Urban Outfitters. To give the corner a bit of brightness, I lined it with Christmas lights.

On top of the pelt, I added a few table accessories. On the left I have a white/gold globe from TjMaxx and on the right I have a carafe that costed $2 from Homegoods with pampass grass inside behind a brass peace sign. In the middle is my Marshall bluetooth speaker from Urban Outfitters modeled after their amplifiers.

Beside the chest, our fireplace was lined with stockings for Christmas. Our hearth is decorated with a faux leather suitcase stacked underneath of a star golden table accessory. To the left is a large, golden vase. I got all of the accessories from Homegoods for under $40 and it made such a huge difference.

On the other side of our living room, I decorated the bare space with an accent wall covered in fake vines from Urban Outfitters. For the statement piece, I used the matching console table to the rest of my furniture. I decorated it with a novelty unicorn lamp, letter board, disco ball, candle, and tarot card dish. Off to the side, I added a woven basket with blankets and a pillow inside.

Though it looks comfy and cozy, I still have a lot of work to do. Taking down the Christmas tree and stockings are going to empty the room, so I have to do some shopping... but it's okay, Target's spring line is calling my name. Stay tuned for an update in a few months!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Jordan

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