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Room Reveal: Bedroom

If you know me, you know I love redecorating my space. I moved every year of college and decorated each place differently because I had so much fun doing it. Luckily, Tylar gives me free range over our interiors so even with my pointless accent chairs, fur pillows, and girly accessories he's happy. This time, I was fortunate to have Target on my side. One of our Target Tag assignments revolved around space. For this, they gave me the means to revamp, renew, and redo my space.

My interior style has always been a melting pot between glam, bohemian, mid-century modern, and Scandinavian. I love for the room to feel cozy while also popping with colors, plants, and fun. Faux fur is always a necessity as well. Overall, I'm very pleased with how the room turned out and if you are, too, you can shop everything by clicking the links below!

This is definitely my favorite area of my room. Though the wallpaper was a bit of a beyatch to put up, it was well worth it. It took five rolls to completely cover the wall, so since the stick-on wallpaper is a little pricey, I would suggest choosing a smaller wall. To open up the busy space, I hung a gold round mirror in the center. Fun tip (if you don't already know): mirrors always make a room look bigger! I'm always sure to have at least two when decorating my bedroom. Underneathn the mirror, I used a brass moon phase garland from Urban Outfitters to bring back the boho feel.

Taking a closer look, I used a neutral off-white pom comforter for my bed so that it would match anything if I decided to switch things up. It also brightened up the darkness of the busy wallpaper! My mattress was conveniently a Casper bed-in-a-box that I would highly suggest (not an ad, just very comfortable). Topping that off, I threw on a few accent pillows from Target as well. On the sides, I have two gold cylinder side tables. They help bring in the gold from the mirror and garland. I added a few faux plants to add some life, a vase with dried pampass grass, and a few little trinkets just so it doesn't feel plain. In the future, I plan on adding a few coffee table books and metallic accessories.

For the wall below, Society6 pimped me out. They provided me with pillows and prints galore to bring life to this all-white space! You can shop all of these items by clicking here. To complete the area, I got a gorgeous blue velvet accent chair from HomeGoods, a standing mirror from IKEA, a faux monsterra plant from TjMaxx, and a record stand from Urban Outfitters.

As for my mini office, I was working with 15 inches of width and nothing more. We somehow found a desk at IKEA that fit the measurements perfectly and ended up filling the space really nicely. I found a clear chair from Target to go with it and decorated with a faux fur pelt to bring some vibrance and texture. For the wall decor, I used the Venice Sign and Bubblegum Giraffe prints from Desenio in their golden frames (these are a size 50x70 for reference). Stay tuned for a Desenio giveaway coming up on my Instagram December 14th.

Tylar was begging for a bookcase, but considering his novel of choice is a Stephen King, I told him he needed to get doors for his non-aesthetic literary escapes. That being said, we got this IKEA cabinet to put our TV on and put an adorable peace neon sign from Target on top.

To see a full recap, watch the video below! Thank you to my friend Dani Hobson for capturing most of these photos! Check out her Instagram and website for more.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Jordan

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