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Something to Smile About

Are you thinking about doing Smile Direct Club? Think again and read the rest of this blog post because I have a better option for you!

As some of you may know, I've always been self conscious about my teeth. Growing up, I had a very noticeably crooked smile and I wasn't able to get it fixed until my senior year of high school. Having that build up on top of acne, weight gain from birth control, and a case of horribly cut bangs, I felt awful about myself.

Getting Invisalign certainly helped me get past that, but even when I was done with the process I wasn't completely happy with the results. I felt like my teeth weren't straight enough. When I took a photo with flash, my front teeth would reflect it and I hated it.

Northern Virginia Orthodontics reached out to me about becoming an ambassador for their new Smile Express program and I was so excited to accept the offer. I went in for a consultation and everyone was so nice, from the concierge to the orthodontist. On top of that, the office has free made to order Starbucks (barista and everything, not just the machine).

When I was talking to the staff, they told me all about Smile Express by NVO and I really wanted to share with you all what exactly it is. They are competing with Smile Direct Club to give you all a better experience and better results. Unlike Smile Direct Club, Smile Express by NVO uses a REAL orthodontist to create your smile. By scanning your teeth instead of creating your smile through impressions you do at home, the trays are much more accurate. They partner with Invisalign to give you quality trays that will move your teeth effectively if worn the recommended amount. Northern Virginia Orthodontics are one of the top suppliers of Invisalign in the country and even have their own in-office Invisalign center.

After your single consultation (YES-- just one visit is all it takes!) you'll receive a fun box in the mail full of your Smile Express trays and a little to-go pouch with all of the things to aid you on your journey!

Smile Express by NVO is so much more personalized and you get more bang for your buck! If you or anyone you know is thinking about Smile Direct Club, show them this blog post and refer them to NVO for a better experience. Trust me, I am so happy with my new smile and I want you to be, too!

Be sure to follow them on Instagram at @smileexpressbynvo and @nvorthodontics for all of the info and events in the future!

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