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I'm currently on my couch in Virginia experiencing major FOMO.

Everyone on the internet is living it up at Coachella right now and I am BEYOND jealous. Music festivals are one of my favorite things I've gotten to experience so far in this life. I've only been to two (Firefly and Music Midtown), but both have been absolutely ethereal. There are so many different aspects of a festival that make it out of this world. From the fashion to insane lineups to the overwhelming sense of community you instantly feel... they're something everyone should get to experience at least once.

Coachella is basically a desert fashion show run half by bloggers and half by Vanessa Hudgens, am I right? It gets a negative connotation sometimes because of the role that fashion plays in the stigma of the festival, but personally, I live for it. I sit around looking at everyone's festival looks the way most people watch the red carpet. So many senses of style come together in one big fashionable melting pot.

Next year, after our big move to Palm Springs, I will 100% be attending. For now, I created some festival vibes in Virginia that will have to do until Coachella rolls around again. This is a super photo-focused blog post, but I wanted to share some of the magic my friends and I have been creating recently. Enjoy!

Photos by @huntercarrico


Velvet Striped Suit- Nasty Gal

Platform Chelsea Boots- ASOS

Necklace and Earrings- H&M

Van Halen Tee & Belt- Forever21

Sunnies- Sunglass.LA

Photos by @hannahdeklephoto

Makeup by @jessica.dekle

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Just Jordan

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