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PINK Paradise

"Pack your bags! You're headed to Miami with PINK!"

*enter my heart attack and sudden burst of tears opening this e-mail*

As you may or may not already know, last June, College Fashionista sent a group of girls to Palm Springs with Victoria's Secret for PINK Nation Motel. I was absolutely blown away by the opportunity and never thought it would happen again... but it DID!

I was lucky enough to be chosen to go on another trip with CF and VSPINK. I honestly couldn't believe they gave me another opportunity like this and I may or may not have cried for an hour (or three) out of excitement. Over the last weekend of my Spring Break, I was sent to Miami with my friend Brittney to attend another PINK event. Britt went to PINK Nation Motel, too so it was awesome to reconnect with her for this trip. Not to mention, the photo below was featured in the style section of PEOPLE MAGAZINE?!

The whole weekend was honestly the most luxurious life I've ever lived. They shacked us up on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency in Miami for the weekend so that we had time to explore before and after the PINK event. After flying in from Dulles at 6am, we had the morning to get ready for the party and open our Spring Break Packages from VSPINK. It was full of goodies like swimsuits, shirts, and bralettes.

After we were primped and ready to go, we ubered to Villa Vanya, an island just outside of Miami's mainland. We rolled up to the biggest beach house I've ever seen and walked through the gates to a PINK Paradise. Out front was the PINK dog, people to greet us, and a table of swagbags. We walked inside to see the mansion pimped out in PINK. There was a table of fruit, veggies, and sushi that led out to a patio where you could decorate your own floppy hat, get fresh coconut water, and relax by the water.

We, of course, took advantage of all of the activities and photo-ops on the first floor and then headed upstairs to explore. As soon as you exited the stairs, there was a table for manicures where you could test out PINK's new coconut skincare line. Right across the table was a huge gateway full of freebies that lead up to the... wait for it... INFINITY POOL overlooking Miami. On the other side was a hot tub and a shaved ice-cream stand separating the two. The house was unreal. Apparently bus tours tell people that it's Pitbull's house so... that's casual.

After the party, it started to rain so we waited out the weather before heading to the Wynwood Walls. We walked around to check out the street art for a few hours and then each ate an entire pizza before heading back to the hotel room.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to get our day started. We headed to brunch at The Local House on Ocean Drive. Britt got chocolate chip pancakes and I got banana french toast. Food baby and everything, we switched outfits and walked around Ocean Drive to shoot for a bit before ubering to the Perez Art Museum.

We shot for a bit in the gardens of the museum and then sat down at the water front to relax for a bit. With a half a day still ahead of us, we went to the cutest little coffee shop called ALL DAY and edited pics to waste time before heading to the airport.

Though it was a quick trip, it was so much fun to reunite with Britt and party with PINK again. I'm so thankful for College Fashionista and all of the opportunities and friends they've given me.

Stay tuned for another Spring Break post about my trip to NYC!

Thanks for reading!

Peace, Love, Just Jordan. xoxo

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