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Off To The Races

"Fashion says, 'Me, too,' style says, 'Only me.'" -Geraldine Stutz

Menswear is on the fast track to overtake gender standards in women's fashion. Women are using men's blazers, tee-shirts, and other male-inspired pieces to bring their outfits to the next level. There is something empowering about rocking a man's wardrobe staple to create an entirely different look.


The blogosphere is full of thrifted men's clothing completing every look. This jacket wasn't thrifted. I honestly didn't even mean to find it. Surprisingly, it's a hand-me-down from my boyfriend's dad. Tylar uses this jacket as his annual Halloween costume, but I gave it a new purpose. I saw the jacket on his floor a few weeks ago and the idea took off like lightning. I instantly had a vision: off to the races.


The inspiration for this shoot all started with this old NASCAR windbreaker. To bring my vision to life, I headed to the deserted Quaker Steak & Lube. The location would be the perfect set up because of the colors and checkers decorating the building. The choice was a perfect complement for my outfit's vintage racing vibe.


The minute I saw the jacket, I pictured the outfit from top to bottom. Several items sitting in my online shopping cart finally made it to reality because of this idea. These boots stopped me right in my tracks. I'd been eyeing these metallic flamed beauties since the summer. Not having the willpower to pass up the flash sale, I decided to buy them. I took the inspiration from the flames, made the shoes the engine of this outfit, and used them to drive home the impact of the outfit.


Building on the shoes, I continued to pursue the racing theme. For the bottoms, I wore my double denim jeans as if my pants were split into lanes. I decided to keep my shirt simple and wore a graphic tee with bright red letters to complement the jacket. Since it was so busy, all it needed was a color pop. Using primary colors in this shoot already gave the look enough intensity.

To top it off, my sunglasses carry my look across the finish line. These oval, checkered-framed lookers from Forever 21 were the perfect find. I bought them on a whim in early August not knowing what I had in store for them. In a serendipidous display of synchronicity, the glasses even matched the building.

Menswear as women's fashion is extremely in right now. I found a way to rock it while steering clear of the go-to blazer. How do you sport menswear? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Peace, Love, Jordan. xoxo

All photos taken by Hunter Carrico (@huntercarrico)

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