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Here Comes The Sun[nies]

Little Orphan Annie once said, "You're never dressed without a smile." I say, you're never dressed without a pair of sunglasses. As you all might've figured out from other posts, I live for the next eyewear trend. I love the affect a simple pair of sunnies has on my confidence. One minute I'm casually walking down the street. The next minute I'm wearing sunglasses and I'm instantly on the runway. Because of my love for them, I wanted to show you all that you can rock more than just a pair of Ray Bans or classic aviators. I've partnered with Sunglass L.A. to show you five of the freshest sunnies of the season.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton

photo by @eleftheria.gia

A Geometric Gem

Round glasses are out, geometric glasses are in. Oversized 'John Lennon glasses' were a festival hit for the past couple of years. This year, these specs are switching it up. Oversized sunnies are going from circular to spectacular. Geometric glasses are a modern take on a retro-inspired trend. Though they may not be "in" yet, I'm predicting these to be an upcoming fall fashion phenomena.

photo by @hannahdekle

Oval Sunnies

London fashion always inspires American trends, but this trend especially stuck like glue. Oval sunglasses became a statement in the spring and have taken the world by storm. Eyewear trends usually vary by season, but these have outlasted not one... not two... but three seasons. This mod style is a soon-to-be classic.

photo by @hannahdekle

Artsy Aviators

Eyewear trends update more than iPhones. Designers are constantly coming up with the next best version of classic styles. Aviators are an all-time favorite, but this year they're spicing it up. Stephen Hyde's staple sunnies are in. Instead of the classic upside down triangles, aviators are squaring up.

photo by @hannahdekle

Sassy Statements

When in doubt, wear the most outrageous sunglasses you can find. Statement sunnies are one of my favorite ways to turn a simple outfit into fashion magic. With a crazy pair of specs, you'll be sure to turn heads. Like Coco Chanel said, "Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway." Accessorize accordingly.

photo by @kfcvf

A Hint of Tint

Sunglasses may be the perfect tool to hide your eyes, but who needs to people watch anyway? Fashion always comes first. Tinted sunglasses are back and better than ever. If you're like me and wear mostly neutrals, this style is a great way to add a color pop to your look. A bright focal point can make any outfit fun, funky, and fresh!

photo by @eleftheria.gia

No outfit is complete without a pair of sunglasses to top it off. In the wise words of Michael Kors, “Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” Grab your favorite sunnies to make your look go from drab to fab! Don't let your outfit end in a period.

Thanks for reading!

Peace, Love, Jordan. xoxo

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