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Why I Waited Four Hours for the GoT PUB

Game of Thrones isn't just a show, it's an addiction. Upon finishing the first episode, you pretty much wave goodbye to your social life until you finish the series. When I first started the show, I finished the entire first season in a day. I finished the entire six seasons in a week and a half. After finishing it once, I forced my boyfriend to watch it so that I could watch it again. I'm about to start it a third time while dedicating every single Sunday evening to catching the latest episode of season seven. Needless to say, I have a problem, and so does the rest of the country.

I live about an hour and a half from D.C., where they recently opened up a pop-up bar dedicated to Game of Thrones. A couple Saturdays ago, I finally had the chance to go. The bar is located at the Howard-Shaw metro station. It opens at 5pm every day (but closes early on Sunday so that everyone can go home to watch the newest episode of season seven), and closes around midnight, maybe later on the weekends. If you go, go EARLY. I got there at about 4:50pm and I didn't get in until 9:38pm. Yes, I waited four and a half hours just to get into this bar, but so did a couple hundred other people. Crazy? maybe. Worth it? definitely.

If you have a night to go before it closes, do yourself a favor and GO. They went all out with this place. The bar has four rooms:

The North

The House of the Black and White

The Dragon Room

The Red Keep

The bar also had an entire drink menu based off of the show. There were items like Dracarys (which comes with a tiny figurine), I Drink and I Know Things, the Lady Mormont, the North Remembers, and the Dothraquiri.

My boyfriend got the North Remembers (the one in the horn) and I got the Lannisters Send Their Regards. The drinks were creative and delicious.

Once again, GO. Every minute of waiting was worth it.

Peace, Love, Jordan.


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