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A Laundromat Aesthetic

I'm not sure what it is about laundromats that make for the perfect picture. I've been seeing photoshoots like this all over Pinterest recently and I had to give it a try. I didn't know how it would turn out, but I got my friend Kyle (photography by @kfcvf) and my shiniest outfit and went for it. 10/10 would suggest (until you see everyone from your high school in the laundromat actually doing their laundry and have to hold yourself together while dying from embarrassment) (it was fine i'm fine).

This outfit is a combination of red aviators, a rose embroidered satin bralette, and an iridescent mini skirt from Forever21. My makeup is made bold by my favorite red Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid matte lipstick (you can literally eat a cheeseburger and it would stay on perfectly).

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