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Making Cheap Look Chic

Awhile ago, I blogged about turning discounted clothing into an eye-catching outfit. I'm going to continue that idea into a series, because it's come to my attention that a lot of people struggle with finding things on the sale rack or at cheaper stores.

This outfit is from one of my go-to online stores, tobi. The quality isn't top notch, but it'll do the job for about ten wears. I usually buy these clothes for a concert or event and sell them afterwards, just because I rarely repeat outfits this extra.

This satin, cheetah print romper was $7 at tobi. Yes, you read that right. $7. There's always a 50% off coupon somewhere around the internet, if not on their own website, so you can get their clothes at a great price. I've bought countless dresses and rompers from here for formals, nights out, and concerts.

The platform shoes were a steal from the Target sale rack. They were only $10 and I've already worn them at least twenty times, getting my money's worth out of them without a doubt. With a gold metallic top, they always manage to turn heads.

The sunnies are an Amazon find. My mom has prime, so I got them for $3. They're the famous cat aviators that you see all over social media, but about $20 cheaper and the exact same quality.

The necklace is a $10 statement piece from Forever21. I bought it last summer, but it's held up since then without tarnishing.

The only thing in this outfit that wasn't cheap was my pink Kate Spade purse. It was a gift from my boyfriend for our third anniversary, so even though I didn't pay for it, it definitely wasn't cheap. With that, he did end up getting it from the Kate Spade outlet AND used his 15% student discount (I've taught him well) to get it on sale.

Like I've said before, there's always a way to get what you want for a good price.



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